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Suitable for hydraulic clutch and brake systems. Engineered for that critical link between the brake pedal and the brakes. Formulated as a high-quality glycol and glycol-ether fluid, designed to function over wide temperature and humidity ranges. High boiling point reduces the tendency of DOT 3 fluid to vaporize at the elevated temperatures that can be reached during severe braking situations. Outstanding thermal stability assures rapid transmission of pressure at sub-zero temperatures and prevents excessive leakage at elevated temperatures.



Brake & clutch fluid

DOT 3 Brake Fluid is recommended for all vehicles where a DOT 3 fluid is specified by the vehicle manufacturer. High boiling point exceeds requirements of high end high definition vehicles.

Exceptional resistance to foaming, rust & Corrosion. Improved retention of frictional properties to perform smooth and trouble free cluth and brake operations.

Available Packing:

Product Code   C008-047A

Lubrimate Super 2000 Brake Fluid - DOT - 3 (500 ml)  1 Ctn. = (24 x 1)

Lubrimate Super 2000 Brake Fluid - DOT - 3 (250 ml)   1 Ctn. = (24 x 1)


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