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Devcon High Strength Adhesives are strong, dependable and easy to use.

A complete line -- one suited for any do-ityourself project. Industrial strength products, yet simple enough for anyone. Available in a variety of formulations, sizes and applicator options.


* Also available in
1 lb. Pack # 10111

Plastic Steel “Steel Filled” Epoxy

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Product Code S-5


Plastic Steel

“Steel Filled” Epoxy

· Extremely powerful, water-resistant.

· Permanent nonshrinking bonds.

· Bonds metals, steel, aluminum, copper, iron pewter, etc.


·     Bond Strength: 2,500 lbs. psi.

·     Sets in 2 Hours.

·     Waterproof, high-strength bond resistant to most chemicals.

·   Works best on metals, steel, aluminum, copper, iron, pewter and much more.


57g Tubes

(1box = 12 Tubes)




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