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For decades, Devcon’s leadership in epoxy and urethane technology has helped to improve industry’s productivity - by solving the most demanding repair and maintenance problems.

Devcon repair compounds are so rugged, they often outlast the original equipment, at a fraction of the replacement cost. The high metal or ceramic content and durability of Devcon’s advanced epoxies enables you to rebuild vital equipment ... bringing it back to full production quickly and economically. With its high-technology metal or ceramic-filled epoxies, and tough, rubber-like urethanes, Devcon offers unmatched protection against sliding abrasion, corrosion, chemical attack and impact.

Designed for on-site application, Devcon’s Engineering Repair Products reduce maintenance needs, save capital costs, reduce downtime and restore vital equipment to optimum operating efficiency fast.

Metal Repair

Metal Repair


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Plastic Steel Putty (A)

# 10111

Unit weight: 1 Lb.

1 CTN = 10 PCS

The original steel-filled epoxy putty. Can replace welding for economical, dependable repair and maintenance work.

Bonds to most metals, concrete and some plastics. Cures at ambient to form tough, durable, machinable repairs. Excellent resistance to oil petrol, water and many chemicals.

Plastic Steel 5-Minute

Putty (SF)

# 10241

Unit weight : 500 g

1 CTN = 10 PCS

Fast-curing, steel-filled epoxy for dependable emergency repairs and quick maintenance work at temperatures as low as 4oC. Eliminates costly welding. Returns equipment, such as leaking pipes, tanks, valves and cracked or pitted castings, to service in less than an hour.

Bonds to steel, iron, aluminium, brass and concrete. Durable cured metallic mass can be drilled, tapped or sanded.

Aluminium Putty (F)

# 10611

Unit weight : 500 g

1 CTN = 10 PCS

Aluminium-filled epoxy putty for dependable, machinable, non rusting repairs to aluminium castings, machinery parts and equipment.

Bonds to other metals and thermoser plastics. Excellent resistance to CFCs and other chemicals. Cures overnight at room temperature.

Bronze Putty (BR)

# 10261

Unit weight : 500 g

1 CTN = 10 PCS

Bronze-filled epoxy putty for repairing, rebuilding and maintaining bronze and brass castings, bushings shafts and other equipment where brazing is not possible.

Bonds powerfully to bronze alloys, brass, ferrous metals and concrete. Easily machined, tapped, drilled or ground.

Stainless Steel Putty (ST)

# 10271

Unit Size : 500 g

Stainless Steel-filled epoxy putty for rust-free patching, repairing and rebuilding of stainless steel equipment.

Bonds to ferrous and non-ferrous metals and concrete. Cures at room temperature. FDA approved.

Wet Surface Repair

Putty (UW)

# 11801

Unit Size : 500 g

A unique, non-rusting, high-exothermic epoxy for repairing, patching and rebuilding equipment in chronically wet environments. Even under water.

Penetrates wetness to bond securely to steel, iron, aluminium, brass, bronze concrete, wood and some plastics. Invaluable in marine applications, off-shore drilling, water treatment plants as well as paper and pulp mills.

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