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Devcon’s quick-curing, inexpensive, castable liquid epoxy and urethane compounds provide the solution to a wide variety of production tooling problems. On-site precision moulding

These versatile products are easy to use in your own plant for making high quality durable moulds, dies, patterns and tracing masters - and flexible, non-scratching fixtures that won’t damage the part.

Liquid enough to capture every subtle detail, they require no special skills to produce complex replacement parts - fast.

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Plastic Steel Liquid (B)

# 10211

Unit weight : 500 g

1 CTN = 10 PCS

·     Easy to use, fast-curing, steel-filled liquid epoxy.

·     Makes durable, low-cost moulds, dies and holding fixtures.

·     Can be cast over models for accurate reproduction of detail with excellent surface finish.

·     Hardens in an hour.

·     Functional cure in 16 hours.

·     Can be machined to close tolerances.

·     Also ideal levelling compound for machinery and equipment, because of low viscosity and high compression strength.

High Temperature Mouldmaker (C - 1)

# 10361

Unit weight : 500 g

1 CTN = 10 PCS

·      Exceptional cured strength at temperatures up to 260oC.

·      Makes excellent heat-resistant moulds, dies and short-run finished parts.

·     Ideal for prototyping, extrusion dies, injection moulding or vacuum forming.

·     Mixes and pours easily. Post-cures with heat to realise fully all performance characteristics.

Wear Resistant

Epoxy Liquid (WR)

# 11211

Unit weight : 500 g

1 CTN = 10 PCS


·     For the fast, economical casting of metal-forming dies and tracing masters of exceptional durability and ruggedness.


·     Tough ceramic-filled Devcon WR epoxy hardens in less than one hour and cures overnight at room temperature.

·     Non-shrinking ensures accurate reproduction of vital details.



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